Emergency Repair Kit Emergency Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Emergency Inflatable Boat Repair Kit



Good Water Boat Works inflatable repair is our business.

We see many improper field repairs in our shop that have turned an otherwise simple $25.00 fix into a $400.00 repair! 

We’ve developed an efficient and easy to use repair kit that can get you safely down the river to finish your trip, prevent further damage to your boat and save you money on repairs!

Our easy peel and seal patches in this Emergency Repair Kits are recommended for small holes and tears on Hypalon, PVC, Urethane and Vinyl inflatables.  Once home, our patch is easily removed for a proper permanent repair.

Here is a testimonial by a professional white water river guide who used our kit.Julie_Nathe.JPG

“When an unexpected repair needs to be done on the river, the emergency repair kit was a life savior for my raft. Waking up to a deflated floor was not how I wanted to start my trip. I discovered I had two holes on the bottom side of my floor. We simply applied the material patches over the holes and in 20 minutes we had a functional floor for the next 4 days on the river.  The patches were durable, effective, and were long lasting for the entire trip. I value the simplicity, quality, and reliability of the kit. This kit is vital to all my trips!”

Julie Nathe, Commercial River Guide

Package Contents:

  • Water proof reusable container
  • Instructions
  • Two 3 ½” x 3” patches
  • One 7” x 3” patch
  • Alcohol swabs for surface cleaning
  • Application squeegee 

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